We have different options to suit all occasions and budgets and we can even discuss bespoke packages to suit your requirements. We aim to provide a professional and unique bar service at an affordable cost, with bar drink prices being competitive but reflect the quality of our service.

For more information on our mobile bars and services please contact us on 07428879957 or info@kimhicksonevents.co.uk

*Please note that prices are for 2019/20 bookings.*

Option 1 – Fully Managed Cash Bar

£150 set up (mileage may apply) We do not set a minimum spend if your guests do not reach a certain amount.

This is our most popular option with clients paying a small set up fee with all bar equipment, staff, glass wear, and stock supplied and guests pay cash as they go.

Reception Drinks are required to be provided by us and not by another party either the caterer or friends and family. This also applies to either the purchase of table wine and toast drink or the corkage fee for providing your own. All prices can be found here

  • Event license (required by law)
  • Fridges
  • Set up of one of our unique bars
  • 1 Cask Ale pump
  • Professional and smart bar staff
  • All glass wear
  • Fully stocked bar with local ales, premium spirits, quality wines and a cocktail option
  • ‘BAR’ light sign
  • Vintage props  –extra, please email us for more details.


Option 2 – Bar and Equipment Hire

This option is for the set up and hire of our equipment only and you provide your own alcohol, ice, fruit, straws and napkins yourself. *Please note that we are not always able to provide staff for this option*

  • Bars frames – starting from £190. Bespoke bars to match your theme and colour can be designed. Please contact us for further details.
  • 1 Lager Pump with gas and cooler £95
  • Extra larger pump £50
  • Cask Ale Pump £50
  • Bottle Fridge £65 – £110 (depending on size)
  • Glass Wear – Please contact us for a quote
  • ‘BAR’ light sign (only when hiring our bars) – £50
  • Mileage may apply. Contact us for more details.


Option 3 – Pre Paid Bar

£150 set up (mileage not included)

Where the client will pay for the drinks for their guests at retail price. The advantages of this compared to Option 2 is that you only pay for the £150 set up fee and any travel costs that may apply. You receive all of Options One’s equipment including staff but you do you have the stresses of buying in your own alcohol, ice and fruit nor will you have any left over stock.

We can limit what drinks guests can choose from such as wines and beers with the choice of any spirits or cocktails to be purchased by the customers themselves. You will receive a better drinks package for welcome drink and table wine on this option.


Option 4 – Half and Half

A mixture of Option 1 Cash Bar and Option 3 Pre Paid Bar,  where our clients can put an initial amount behind the bar then followed by cash bar after the clients limit runs out. This is popular for those who would like to offer guests some complimentary drinks without the hassle of buying all the stock themselves and providing staff. Alternatively we can design and print your bespoke drinks vouchers to give to your guests to ensure everyone gets equal amounts (say 3 drinks each). We would offer a drinks package for your pre paid drinks for better value for your money.

£150 set up (mileage not included) We do not set a minimum spend if your guests do not reach a certain amount.

  • Event license (required by law)
  • Bottle Fridges
  • Set up of one of our unique bars
  • Larger tap, cooler and gas
  • Cask Ale pump
  • Professional and smart bar staff
  • All glass wear for the bar (table and welcome drink glass wear extra)
  • Fully stocked bar with local ales, premium spirits, quality wines and cocktail option
  • ‘BAR’ light sign
  • Vintage props – email us for more details.
  • Corkage fees applies


**Mileage costs on all options do apply, please contact us for further details***


Bar Extra’s

  • Extra glass wears hire – starting from 30p per glass. (This charge doesn’t apply for wine glasses that have had corkage fees already. Ideal for water glasses)
  • Vintage furniture. Some of our mobile bars may come already with complimentary props to support the bar however the items are one offs and so if there are certain bits of furniture that you really require a small fee may apply.
  • Vintage furniture hire. Create a little feature corner in your marquee or venue with our Chesterfield sofas, retro chairs, trunk coffee tables, original 60’s LP player, wood crates and so much more.
  • Our steel bar can be transformed to a bespoke mobile bar to suit your theme of colour of your event. Our design team can create a fabric panelling so you have your own individual look.
  • For the ultimate event, our team can design and make your own bespoke bar from scratch
  • Venue dressing. We can create draping, bunting, lighting and feature walls/areas at your event.
  • Cocktail Caravan. Percy our retro camper is perfect for welcome drinks with complimentary out door seating. He is even small enough to fit in some venues and marque’s