The Journal: Halloween Cocktail

October is the month of Halloween and what a great excuse for fancy dress parties, trick or treats and cocktails with a bite! Lets go all out here and really impress guests with a punch with a punch.
Firstly start by infusing a good quality bottle of vodka with fresh chilies. Slice the chilies down the middle to release more flavour. This is really up to you how many you want to use and if you want to keep the seeds in. But remember not everyone will be able to control spice as much as you and we do want guests to enjoy your drink. Add 3-4 chilies to start with and leave for a few days and add more and when as you like to your personal taste

The Vampire Bite (Serves 4 people)

2 cups of chili infuse vodka

2 cups of blood orange juice

3 cups of raspberry juice

3 cups of soda water

½ cup of granulated sugar

4 passion fruits

1 cup of mixed berries

Cubed ice

Glass wear – Gothic style goblets
Garnish – Rim your goblets with sugar that has been mixed with black food dye. Then run a lime wedge round the rim and dip into the sugar.
Process – Add all ingredients in a large punch bowl including squeezing the passion fruits and give a good mixed until sugar has dissolved and ice cubes and serve.
Ice – Cubed ice in the glasses just before serving. Freeze a few trays of ice cubes with bits of fruit and /Halloween sweets. This not only adds color but gummy eyes and teeth really keep within the Halloween theme. Dry ice is always another option and creates a great smoky effect.


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