Kim’s Money Saving Tips For Your Wedding Day -The Bridal Gown & Accessories


So last September I got married and so I would like to share a few tips and tricks that i followed for my own big day. Some things are just impossible to cut costs on but there are many options to suit all budgets. Here are my secrets for the Brides outfit

  1. The Dress – I purchased my dress from Bridal Reloved in Beverley, East Yorkshire that stocks pre loved / second hand wedding dresses saving me over £700. Michelle and her team created a personal and professional experience and after hours of trying many styles on, Michelle suggested the winner which I would have never thought to have picked out. My frustration soon turned into happy tears and I knew this was the one. So don’t rule out second hand dresses as you might just be missing your perfect gown and a big saving. Click here for more information on other Bridal Reloved stores around UK.
  2. The Head Piece – If its a veil, head band or clip you are going for, get yourself on Ebay or second hand bridal sites as I picked up my little gem from a lovely newly married bride saving me £90. It was precious to hear how much joy she had wearing it and was excited that I would feel the same way too.
  3. The Shoes – I had seen a pair of Benjamin Adams shoes on their site for £180 and I just couldn’t justify spending that much after we had a few hidden cost on other things hit us. So I opted to shop around and luckily I did as I found the exact same pair on the TK Maxx website for only £39.99 so a big saving of £140 was a big winner. Whilst I understand not everyone can be so lucky, its still worth keeping on eye out on discounted websites as you might just come across what you are looking for.

So a HUGE saving of £930 by just shopping around and going for a pre loved option was a big help to keep within our budget. Next week I will be discussing meal options starting from just £5.50 p/head.

Photography by M & G Photographic